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RV Air Conditioner, 12V 10000 BTU Top Mounted Heating and Cooling Parking Air Conditioner Set for RVs, Trucks, Vans, Campers

RV Air Conditioner, 12V 10000 BTU Top Mounted Heating and Cooling Parking Air Conditioner Set for RVs, Trucks, Vans, Campers

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Introducing the 12V RV Air Conditioner


Tailored for RVs, campers, trucks, and vans, this air conditioner delivers both cooling and heating, ensuring optimal comfort in any season.


Boasts a 10,000 BTU cooling and 4,500 BTU heating capacity, quickly adjusting your vehicle's temperature for immediate comfort.


Features a 12V DC Scroll Compressor and a corrosion-resistant condenser, coupled with quiet, efficient fans and a PTC heater for energy-efficient, consistent climate management.


Equipped with comprehensive protection against overtemperature, undervoltage, overvoltage, and overload, including an undervoltage feature that prevents excessive battery drain.

Product Details

  • Dual Cooling/Heating: 10,000 BTU cooling, 4,500 BTU heating for all-season comfort.
  • Smart Heating: Energy-saving PTC heater for consistent warmth.
  • Fast Climate Control: Quickly adjusts vehicle temperatures for instant comfort.
  • Quiet Operation: Low-noise fans ensure a peaceful environment.
  • Battery Protection: Guards against overtemperature, undervoltage, and overload.
  • Energy Efficiency: 12V DC Scroll Compressor for optimal energy use.
  • Durable Construction: Corrosion-resistant condenser for longevity.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses sustainable materials and technology.
  • Easy Install: Designed for straightforward setup in various vehicles.


12V DC Powered

Heating & Cooling

Powerful Capacity

Advanced Climate Control

Battery Protection

Stay Cool, Stay Warm Go Green Stay Cool Stay Warm Go Green

Rapid Cooling for Immediate Comfort

  • Cool your RV in just 15 minutes with our powerful 10,000 BTU air conditioner.
  • Fast temperature adjustments and a 450 m³/h air volume ensure comfort in any season.

Efficient Heating for Cozy Comfort

  • Our 4500 BTU heater warms your space in 15-20 minutes, ensuring cozy comfort anywhere.
  • Featuring a PTC ceramic heating element for efficient, power-saving warmth.

Long-Lasting Performance

  • If powered by a 480Ah battery, it can operate for about 8 hours, and with a 600Ah battery, it can run for about 10 hours.

Battery-Safe Comfort

  • With overtemperature, undervoltage, overvoltage, and overload protections, our system keeps your battery safe while delivering uninterrupted air comfort.

Key Components

  • Advanced Scroll Compressor

    • 12V DC Powered.
    • Intelligent variable frequency ensures optimal temperature regulation.
  • Quiet Dual-Fan Blower

    • Balanced, efficient airflow.
    • 450 m³/h for rapid climate adjustment.
    • Whisper-quiet 40 dB operation.
  • Waterproof Condenser Fan

    • Waterproof design for all weather conditions.
    • All-copper motor for durability and efficient heat dissipation.
  • Zinc-sprayed Condenser

    • Zinc-sprayed for corrosion resistance and enhanced heat dissipation.
  • Advanced Coating Evaporator

    • Advanced blue coating for corrosion resistance and energy efficiency.
    • Durable design for reduced maintenance and extended lifespan.
  • Smart PTC Heater

    • Quick and energy-efficient heating.
    • Consistent temperature for maximum comfort.
    • Optimizes power use for sustainable warmth.
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3 Steps Easy Install

Step 1: Installing the External Unit

  • Start by cleaning the sunroof area thoroughly.
  • Apply insulation foam strips around the sunroof opening to seal and cushion the unit.
  • Place the external unit on the roof, carefully ensuring that the power cord remains accessible from the outside.

Step 2: Installing the Steel Brackets

  • Screw fully threaded rods into the designated holes at the bottom of the external unit.
  • Adjust the c shaped steel brackets, aligning them with fully threaded rods, and secure them tightly to ensure a snug fit against the vehicle's roof.

Step 3: Installing the Interior Panel

  • Position the interior panel against the roof, aligning it with the protruding ends of fully threaded rods from the external unit.
  • Tighten the interior panel onto fully threaded rods, ensuring it is securely fastened and stable.
  • Installed on a Bus

  • Inner Panel on a Bus

  • Installed on a Truck

  • Inner Panel on a Truck

  • Installed on a Folklift

  • Installed on rv trailer


    Layout structure
    External unit size
    666 x 720 x 160 mm
    (26.22 x 28.35 x 6.30 inches)
    Rated cooling capacity
    10000 BTU
    Rated heating capacity
    4500 BTU
    Air volume
    450 m³/h
    Coefficient of performance
    Rated voltage
    DC 12V (cooling and heating type)
    Current range
    Rated power
    Speed range
    1600-3800 r/min
    Undervoltage protection
    Battery cable specification
    R134A 400g-600g
    Refrigerant oil
    90ml-120ml POE68
    External machine
    Interior panel
    Battery cable (12 feet in length)
    Set of insulation foam strips
    C shaped steel bracket
    Remote control
    Pack of universal screw
    Drain water pipes

    Please ensure your roof opening dimensions are within the following parameters:

    Minimum size
    225 x 299 mm
    (8.86 x 11.77 inches)
    Maximum size
    440 x 580 mm
    (17.32 x 22.83 inches)

    This ensures a secure fit and seamless integration of the air conditioner with your vehicle's roof.