Safety: Comprehensive Protection for Your Vehicle and Battery

Safety is a top priority with our 12V Backpack Air Conditioner and Top-Mounted RV Air Conditioner. Both units feature undervoltage protection, designed to prevent the vehicle's battery from being drained excessively. This feature ensures that the air conditioners automatically shut off if the battery voltage drops below a certain level, preventing potential damage to the battery and ensuring its longevity.

For the 12V Vehicle Electric Air Conditioner, the undervoltage protection range is 9-11.8V. For the Top-Mounted RV Air Conditioner, the undervoltage protection range is 9-11.2V. This means that the air conditioners will not drain your vehicle's battery beyond these levels, ensuring that your vehicle's other functions are not affected.

In addition, the Top-Mounted RV Air Conditioner features multi-directional electrical safety protection. This includes overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection, ensuring the electrical safety of the product. These safety features provide comprehensive protection for your vehicle and its electrical system, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy the comfort provided by our air conditioners.