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5KW Diesel Air Heater for Trucks, RVs, Indoor, 12V 17000 BTU Diesel Parking Heater with Remote Control, All In One, Vertical

5KW Diesel Air Heater for Trucks, RVs, Indoor, 12V 17000 BTU Diesel Parking Heater with Remote Control, All In One, Vertical

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OutEquipPro 2023 model boasts a upgraded quad-outlet design for faster, uniform heating,smart chip-controlled temperature for optimal comfort and efficiency, and a multi-pulse oil pump to enhance fuel efficiency. These upgrades significantly elevate performance and cost-effectiveness.

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Advanced Smart Temperature Control

  • The 2023 model features a Smart Temperature Control, employing a highly advanced chip to precisely regulate temperature.
  • The intelligent chip swiftly responds to changing temperature needs, promoting a stable and comfortable environment while maximizing fuel efficiency, marking a notable advancement in performance and resource management.

Fuel-Efficient Multi-pulse Oil Pump

  • Pulse Precision: This advanced pump delivers fuel in precise pulses, ensuring accurate fuel delivery for optimal combustion.
  • Balanced Fuel Mix: The multi-pulse technology maintains an ideal fuel-to-air ratio, preventing inefficient burning and reducing emissions.
  • Efficient Combustion: Consistent balance leads to complete fuel combustion, maximizing heat output and minimizing waste.

Advanced Quadruple Air Outlet System

  • Each of our four outlets is designed to seamlessly attach to tubes, channeling warm air precisely where you need it most. It's precision heating, tailored to your space.
  • This design enhances heating efficiency, reduces device wear, and extends its lifespan.

Durable Cast Aluminum Design

  • Benefit from the heater's sand-blasted precision cast aluminum body.
  • This design ensures the combustion chamber and heat dissipation scales provide uniform heat distribution and rapid conduction.
  • Its anti-aging properties guarantee durability, ensuring you a long-lasting heating solution.

Advanced Pre-Heating Remote Control

  • Step into a warm and welcoming vehicle even in the chilliest conditions.
  • With our advanced remote control, you can effortlessly pre-heat your cab, ensuring you’re greeted with a toasty interior and frost-free windows.
  • It's not just about comfort; it's about starting your journey on the right note every time.

key technical details

  • Quad-outlet design for faster, uniform heating.
  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency with multi-pulse oil pump
  • Sand-blasted precision cast aluminum body for more efficient heat transfer.
  • Smart chip for intelligent temperature control.
  • Overheating overcurrent overvoltage Protection.
  • Trucks

    • Under the Sleeping Bunk
    • Behind the Driver/Passenger Seat
  • RVs

    • Under the Dinette Bench
    • In a Storage Compartment
  • Mobile Homes

    • In a Utility Closet
    • Underneath a Fixed Table or Workspace
  • Tents

    • Adjacent to an Entrance
    • Center of Larger Tents
  • boats

    • In an Engine Compartment
    • Under a Seating Area
  • buses

    • Rear of the Bus
    • Under Seating
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  • Type
    All in one, vertical
    Applicable range
    Adjustable temperature range
    64°F ~ 104°F
    Radiator operating temperature
    -72°F ~ +90°F
    Oil pump working temperature
    -72°F ~ +72°F
    Highest working altitude
    16000 ft/5000m
  • Fuel type
    Fuel consumption
    Complete combustion rate
    Heater power
    17000 BTU/5 KW
    Rated voltage
    Start-up consumption
    DC 12V/15A
    Under voltage protection
  • Display
    clear and informative LCD
    Internal fuel tank capacity
    1.3 gal/5L
    Remote control distance
    98 ft/30 m
    Product dimension
    16 x 15 x 6 Inches
    Product weight
    19 Lb
    Diesel heater
    Remote control
    Air filter
    Inlet pipe
    Outlet pipe
    Exhaust pipe
    Installation kit